Stretch the Schedule

By Carolyn Whittico

Fall 2015 Edition


I am

never satisfied

Never satisfying.


They are

always the same

Always speaking or omitting words that estrange


You will

let me widen the gap,

fail to notice when I slip out the back,

be distracted by the unrelated as we grow apart, a process

Machine-like but never programmed to be on time


We can

appreciate the time that remains

or stretch the schedule;

But you may not be aware that there is one at all.

Maybe it’s why you don’t come when I call.

Maybe it’s why I’m last on your list

why I seem to be left for later



I could


give voice to my wishes, wants, concerns, ailments

but to spoil the strings that tug us along the same map

will make us lesser;

To force your hand to touch my face and your eyes to shovel out my guts

will render you less genuine.

Honesty is required

But is pressed action ever natural?



I will watch the growth

of your appetite for other things, services I cannot provide,

And listen to the echo of the space that is created when I fail to fill it.

I will leave your nature untampered,

lead my heart to hide

reassured that it is not of interest

not enough

for them, for you.