Memories of My Father

By Robin Morris-Wilson


You once sung—

a lulling song


breath of life

calming. My squalling cry

under the sound

of your voice



God bless the child—

in me–the song resounds

today, I remember


how you sung

Marvin Gay

Boyz II Men—songs

were your favorite


to place on the turntable

in the basement



echoes the brilliance

you had/to write

to sing/songs your own


to share with the world

a gift you passed

to me


before you wrote

your last–


Heaven’s Where I’m Going To.


You told Abby

the song

came to you

in a dream.


One you had to write

And record


one week–before you

left earth too soon


left me breathless


listening to verses—

To prophecy


releasing me

to sing with those

who mourn your death:


Precious Lord,

take my hand

lead me on,

let me stand


I carried my

burden of grief

in your absence


You once appeared

to me in a dream


Alert by a flowing

stream, young,

tall, you stood


You looked at me

before you turned

and walked



I called your name.

With no reply,

you shook your head

left to right.

As I awoke,

I began to cry.


I, now, long for your

song to quiet

the billows within


Who will calm the storm in me?


When my light is almost gone

Who will hear my cry and call

hold my hand lest I fall

take my hand precious Lord,

lead me home


Rest my broken

heart–that only You,

My Father, can mend


Bring me hope,

a new song.


Robin with her father Jonney Morris

Robin with her father, Jonney Morris.