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 Kristen Bailey, Editor-in-Chief

Kristen Bailey is a senior studying English and Psychology.

Despite her admiration for Jane Austen, she has a passionate love for fantasy and science fiction novels.

Her dreams include traveling the world, rescuing cats from trees, and trying as many obscure foods as possible.


Maryann Hurtado, Managing Editor

Maryann Hurtado is a junior majoring in Accounting with a minor in Global Cultures.

She loves to support those who create, funny jokes, and feels a little awkward writing about herself in the third person.


Nycci Miltz, Publishing Editor

Nycci Miltz is a Junior Studying English and Linguistics.

She has a major interest in fictitious, mythological, and supernatural beings and cannot wait to

read or hear about the next scary story or urban legend. She has always had a need to help others

achieve their dreams, and she is going to do that in the only way she knows how: through books.


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