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Blue Profitt, Editor-in-Chief

Blue Profitt is a senior studying English, political science, and Women’s and Gender Studies.

She has seen every episode of “The Office” five times and is a little friendlier in real life than this picture makes her seem.

She’s been claiming Gryffindor House all her life and was thrilled when Pottermore confirmed that for her.


Claire Young, Managing Editor

Claire Young is a junior student seeking a degree in Psychology.

She has a strong interest in the arts and has been painting for eight years.

Sorted into Gryffindor, her brave and daring heart shine through in her artwork.

Maryann Hurtado, Publishing Editor


Maryann Hurtado is a sophomore with a major in Pre-Business and is planning to graduate with a degree in Accounting.

 Due to her new love of music, she can usually be found scouring Spotify for the next best song.

 Sorted into Slytherin, she is proud to prove their dark stereotype wrong any chance she gets.


Kristen Bailey, Marketing Editor

Kristen Bailey is a junior studying English and Psychology.
She has big dreams to publish a novel and to travel the world.
Despite the weak reputation of Hufflepuff, she will do whatever it takes to defend the values of hard work, fairness, and the goodness of people.


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